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  • Zonum - &quote;Try to always improve&quote;

    Zonum's beginnings in the mid-80s were as a radio sound technician, radio announcer, resident DJ in theaters until 1990, In the 90s he began his career as a music producer, collaborating in productions with artists, at the national level, founder and member of several groups of electronic music, combining it with live performances. In 2005 Zonum created with his colleague and friend Xavi V, the [...]

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    DJ Jes - &quote;We All Had Obstacles We Had To Go Through&quote;

    DJ Jes - "We All Had Obstacles We Had To Go Through" S&S: What's your style of music? How do you describe it? DJ Jes: I play Dance music and the best way I can describe it is that it's a sound that contains DJ tribal beats with grungy Basslines,Soulful Vocals and Bass pounding drum beats that keep you on the dance floor. S&S: Who or what was most instrumental to you when it came to [...]

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