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    DJ Jes – “We All Had Obstacles We Had To Go Through”

    S&S: What’s your style of music? How do you describe it?
    DJ Jes: I play Dance music and the best way I can describe it is that it’s a sound that contains DJ tribal beats with grungy Basslines,Soulful Vocals and Bass pounding drum beats that keep you on the dance floor.

    S&S: Who or what was most instrumental to you when it came to music?
    DJ Jes: When I started working for DJ International Record Store in Cicero back in the early 90’s.Benji Espinoza educated me on many styles of music especially Disco classics.after working at DJ’s I developed my sound from many New York produces especially Masters at Work.from Chicago it was Steve “Silk” Hurley since the early 90’s Hurley was remixing everyone from Michael Jackson, from all the remixes he was releasing.

    S&S: What drives you creatively?
    DJ Jes: If I’m at the club and the DJ drops a slamming house track and the club heads start screaming and dancing with no care in the world that’s when I wanna go home and create a Banging track until I’m done.

    S&S: How much does your audience influence you and your music selection?
    DJ Jes: My audience is a huge influence to me especially when I’m playing at my gigs. When I see my audience dancing freely I keep the music pumpin with more consistent House Music….my audience feeds off my energy so I gotta be the DJ who sets off the night in hopes of giving my audience a memorable set.

    S&S: What artists or genres do you listen to when you’re not working?
    DJ Jes: I Love listening to Jazz, Latin music and chill out music.Artist I love to listen to are Herbie Hancock, Marc Anthony, Sade St.Germain and many more to name.

    S&S: Do you have any favorite memories of growing up with your family?
    DJ Jes: when I was 9 years old my oldest brother Beto Galvez had an old Monte Carlo and he would take me to wash his car on the weekend then afterwards we would cruise on 26th street in little Village and jam out to the mixes on 102.7 fm WBMX radio and that’s what led me to loving High Energy and House Music.

    S&S: Is there anything you would like people to know about you?
    DJ Jes: I want the people to know that I’m very passionate about playing music and producing music.I will always play like it’s my last set at every gig I get.I love being a father to my kids and I like showing respect to people that show me respect. me.

    S&S: Are there any charities you are working with or excited to tell us about?
    DJ Jes: No Charities yet, But I will be opening a school to show our young generation classes in mixing and producing, I believe that if we share our love of music with our younger audience, then they will keep our music alive for many decades to come.

    S&S: Are there any questions that you wish people would ask you?
    DJ Jes: I wish people would ask me about my struggles that got me to where I am today.I wouldn’t be anything without my struggles in life.We all had obstacles we had to go through to make us who we are today.

    S&S: And on the flip side of that, are there any questions or references you wish people would stop asking or using?
    DJ Jes: I wish people would stop asking me if I’m gonna be a DJ all my life or what type of music do I play. I play music that makes people feel good and also makes people dance.so yes, I will be a DJ til the Day God decides I can no longer play Music for what ever reason.

    S&S: What artist(s) have you been the most excited to work with?
    DJ Jes: I was super excited when I had the chance to work with the Band Poi Dog Pondering. I have so much respect for Frank Orrall the lead singer and the band.Frank had me remix an incredible song they wrote called (keep the faith).I love the meaning behind the song,so it made me get into to the song that much more.

    S&S: Are there any artists that you dream of working with on a collaboration?
    DJ Jes: Yes of course…I’ve always dreamed of working with Sting,The Rolling Stones and Sade.

    S&S: What can we look forward to next from you?
    DJ Jes: You can certainly expect more releases on my label Fresca Recordings and many more overseas labels.I have released 4 records so far since late 2014 in four different countries. Berlin Germany,Sweden,Switzerland and Spain

    S&S: What legacy would you like to leave?
    DJ Jes: I wanna leave a legacy of great Music Produced by yours truly and of coarse my collection of vinyl in a special Library of Music so everyone can listen to and enjoy the best house music ever created for the World.

    Q&A By: Shannon “Skip” SyasS&S Chicago

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