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  • Blaqwell - &quote;We suffer today from a lack of authenticity&quote;

      With tracks more solid than the cinderblock buildings of Brick City NJ, upstart and Tech/House kingpin Blaqwell has steadily risen amongst the ranks of the new breed of house music producers from the USA. Blaqwell's music has also been supported and played by the likes of Ministry of Sound, late maestro Frankie Knuckles, Tiger Stripes, Junior Sanchez, Todd Terry, Weiss, Maya [...]

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    DJ Matt B - &quote;I Really Don’t Listen To House Music Often&quote;

    DJ Matt B - "I Really Don’t Listen To House Music Often" If you were to look up where House Music was born, from the Deep Disco days to the WBMX days the answer would be Chicago. Chicago is also where Matthew Baltazar better know as Matt B was also born & raised. Matt has played at almost every club/venue in Chicago. From coast to coast and many cities in between, playing alongside some of [...]

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