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  • Georgie Porgie - &quote;Everyday Life Inspires My Creativity&quote;

                There’s a certain type of DJ/ artist to emerge from Chicago, having been raised around the rawest and purest forms of house music. These roots cement themselves within the cities‘ residents, and form a continual source of inspiration for those who seek it. George Andros or Georgie Porgie or GP as he is known across the globe, is no exception. An accomplished DJ, Artist, hot [...]

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    Geoffrey C - Can You Make Me A Tape

    Geoffrey C - Can You Make Me A Tape Almost everyone can remember the guy who came to the party with the best music. No matter what was playing, after his tapes started, it was always a better party. Geoffrey C is that guy. Since graduating from High School in MD, Geoffrey has been either a DJ or a producer of edit mixes/remixes for commerical radio stations, major record labels and [...]

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