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  • Reach - Attempted Love

    'Reach ',  also known as Elle Deva,was formed eight years ago when Italian composer\guitarist\producer Michele Covito met singer/songwriter Lauren-Joy Manus in South Africa. The two have been working together ever since, taking inspiration from their diverse musical backgrounds and their strong Christian beliefs. Using the that they are culturally diverse as an advantage, making them limitless [...]

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    Blade Deep - &quote;There’s More To Me Than What Meets The Eye&quote;

    Blade Deep - "There’s More To Me Than What Meets The Eye" Born and raised in Southern Africa, Blade Deep knew his career calling would involve music; he began his remarkable journey as a DJ at the tender age of 14. At that time his genres of choice were RNB and Hip Hop, forerun by his father, a savvy businessman and record collector he learnt his way around the legendary “Technics [...]

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    DJ Ashton Abels - &quote;Talk Less Do More&quote;

    DJ Ashton Abels - "Talk Less Do More" Hailing from The Mother City Of South Africa with a reputation of being a technical Genius behind the Vinyl or CD decks, DJ Ashton Abels talents have been seen all over the country. Abels is a music scholar, forever developing his craft and refining it to unmatched levels. Evidence of this is the level of flexibility and quality he shows across music genres [...]

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