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  • Global Mixx The Workshop HBCU SiriusXM Channel 142 feat. Guest Hosts Shannon &quote;DJ Skip&quote; Syas and Steve &quote;Silk&quote; Hurley

    In this episode of “The Workshop,” host Caryn Lee leads a journey into the depths of entertainment executive Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas. With an impressive list of accomplishments and titles amassed over his 20+ year music career, Skip demonstrates that he is far more than the intern. Learn how “DJ Skip” was first an internationally renowned music producer before earning acclaim as a [...]

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    Johnny &quote;Bravo&quote; Rayborn - &quote;I Find Creativity And Energy In People&quote;

    Johnny "Bravo" Rayborn  - "I Find Creativity And Energy In People" Record Producer/DJ/Songwriter/Engineer Johnny "Bravo" Rayborn III was born on the Chicago's South Side. Being the youngest of three children, he was exposed to a wide variety of music genres. By the age of 9, he was already producing live music tapes for his family members. Engulfing himself in the music business with [...]

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