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  • Exclusive Q&A &quote;Shannon &quote;DJ Skip&quote; Syas

    Q&A with VH Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas has gained worldwide acclaim as a dance music producer, remixer, publisher, promoter, executive and DJ.  Skip hails from Chicago, where he contributed to the Chicago House Music genre that quickly spread to the rest of the world and remains a vibrant sector of the dance music scene on any continent. How did you get started in this line of work?[...]

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    DJ Wayne Williams - &quote;I’m A People Person&quote;

    DJ Wayne Williams - "I’m A People Person" From local DJ to major record label executive to producer of one of the world’s largest house events, music is the story of Wayne Williams’ life. Noted for being the first DJ to bring disco from Chicago’s underground, gay dance clubs to a young, receptive audience on Chicago’s south side, Wayne quickly became an in-demand DJ as a teenager, [...]

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