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    ADVICE TO ARTISTS AND DJS   There are so many things to cover with this, but I will keep it as short and sweet as possible. Here are some pointers on marketing yourself and getting the attention of others, in no particular order. Branding: Make sure you have the proper branding. Whether you are using your real name or a stage name, make sure you have a professional looking logo. Your[...]

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    Trevor Lamont - &quote;Why Don't You Move To Chicago?&quote;

    Trevor Lamont - "Why Don't You Move To Chicago?" Trevor Lamont of Grand Reserve has been a DJ since college in 1987. During that time house was starting to take hold within the Philadelphia scene. Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania would have parties which were half house and hip hop. Trevor started playing records in 1987, and was influenced early by the likes of Frankie [...]

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