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    Jameisha Trice – S&S Records (Chicago)

    City of Chicago :: Millennium Park – Chicago House Music Party


    We are finally back in the office and recuperated. The Chicago House Party 2017 at Millennium Park was incredible, they succeed in bringing together many multi cultural and diverse individuals, from all walks of life just loving the music !!!!!!!!

    It was great seeing more than 20,000 people in Chicago come together in a peaceful manor all for the love of House Music.
    The feeling was love, but not only for the music ? it was more about Peace, Love, Unity & Respect coming together as a family.

    People were not only loving house ? music ? but each other, lending a hand to help to strangers to set up their spots, sharing water to help hydrate each other, offering each other food, drinks, sunscreen etc as well as coming together dancing ? talking, sharing how they came to love ❤️ house music. How it’s changed their lives. arriving there as strangers and leaving as friends and family.

    It was a peaceful day people making new friends, enjoying old friends, There was no shootings, no fights, just positive energy and vibes flowing through everyone.
    It felt like it was a modern day Woodstock only HOUSE STYLE…..

    Many thanks to all of those involved in producing a fantastic event…. I am looking forward to attending this event for many years to come.

    To the Dj’s and the live performers Job well done! That’s what it’s about ! Peace … Love…..Unity…….RESPECT!