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    Gabriel Alexander was born in the town of Maywood, IL, with his exposure to music coming early at the age of 8. A motivated businessman with varied work experiences, he is known by his friends, family, and associates as trusting, caring, and dedicated. In the arts, his abilities as a singer, songwriter, and producer have shown through his lyrical and beat-making creativity, with his work labeled as “ingenious” and with all the makings of an “artist with great promise”.


    Q&A with S&S

    S&S: What’s your style of music? How do you describe it? My style of music is a bit of a hybrid: it’s a nice blend of Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, and some R&B. If my songs can move you in any way, shape, or form, then I consider it a job well done.

    S&S: Who or what was most instrumental to you when it came to music?  The time I spent growing up in the church. I was raised in the choir, but it wasn’t just the singing aspect of it that pulled me in: it was everything that built up to it, from the keyboard to the praise team, and even the drummer. Everything had a flow and cohesiveness to it, and it made me wanna learn everything.

    S&S: What drives you creatively? That feeling of being able to take what’s in my head and let it all out on the track. Sometimes, I’ll get an idea, a simple sound or melody, and it will transform into a random 5-hour project. Once I’m in that creative space with my hookah going, it’s also hard to tear myself away when I get started.

    S&S: How much does your audience influence you and your music selection? I’m at a point now where I create what I feel and try to bare it all; my audience has a way of relating to my musical expressions, and we build that connection from there. If anything, I would hope that my inspirations are able to influence and motivate them, even if it’s just to move their body to the beat.

    S&S: What artists or genres do you listen to when you’re not working? I’m a musical junkie if I’m being honest. I ear-dabble through a little of everything: R&B, Kanye West, rock, Smino, Stevie Wonder, and even country.

    S&S: Do you have any favorite memories of growing up with your family? It’s hard to peg down a favorite, but if I had to choose, it would be the yearly tips I would make to Florida with my mom, brother, and nephews. Between school and work, we didn’t have many moments to just unwind and just bask in everything as a family. Those mini-vacations allowed us to just break ourselves down and recharge from everything life threw at us. As my mom always said, “These are moments to create memories.”

    S&S: Is there anything you would like people to know about you? I’m just an everyday guy: I enjoy being able to set the mood with music, even in my own home. Outside of that, you’ll probably catch me watching anime or playing video games in my spare time.

    S&S: Are there any charities you are working with or excited to tell us about? Not at the moment, but I’m working on getting a few started in Chicago, especially with the youth. Previously I helped younger kids in my neighborhood by showing them how to create songs. I would love to start a charity to further assist the youth with music creation.

    S&S: Are there any questions that you wish people would ask you? Whatever pops up in their head first. I’m not picky.

    S&S: And on the flip side of that, are there any questions or references you wish people would stop asking or using?
    I’m very open: I love the art of conversation, of being able to connect with people on any level, whether it’s music or even our political climate. Can’t learn about each if we don’t ask, you know.

    S&S: What artist(s) have you been the most excited to work with? Quite a few. Right now, I’m in the middle of something groundbreaking with Steve “Silk” Hurley and Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas, but I also got a little something in the works with IKON, Baron Fitzpatrick, and Jacob Lattimore, but that’s all I can speak on at the moment (haha)

    S&S: Are there any artists that you dream of working with on a collaboration? There are so many gifted artists I would love to collaborate with, to name a few, Will I Am, Pharrell, Drake, Childish Gambino, Ari Lennox.

    S&S: What can we look forward to next from you? I’m always creating new music, which you can see if you follow me on Instagram. Right now I’m in the middle of working on a music video for a single “Not Like Us” that will be released soon. There is no date right now but new musical content is definitely on the way.


    Q&A By:Shannon “Skip” Syas – S&S Chicago

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    S&S Records, Inc. (and S&S Chicago, Inc.) was established in 2005 by 4-time GRAMMY® nominated producer Steve “Silk” Hurley and global DJ/Producer Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas. Merging Hurley’s worldwide commercial success and Syas’ strong global following, the dance label has become home to numerous musical greats and one of the most respected blogs on the internet.

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