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  • John &quote;Saint AXL&quote; Lewis - &quote;Inspiration can come from so many places&quote;

      John Lewis aka Saint AXL is an American recording artist and songwriter born in Honolulu, Hawaii. As the son of an African American father and a Caucasian mother, John has always had a unique perspective on life. This can be heard in his music. His influences cross the full spectrum of legendary artists from Queen to Prince. His lyrics hit the deepest core in all of us. Listening to [...]

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    The Stoned - Father And Son House Music Duo

    The Stoned Is Josh Stone & Josh Stone Jr. a Father and son duo,out of San Antonio, Texas.With the means to spread the love of music. Q&A with S&S S&S: What's your style of music? How do you describe it? Josh Stone Sr/ It's all house music to me! Josh Stone Jr./ People like to say we are “jackin” house but I like to think we create all styles of house music! [...]

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    Heidi B - &quote;I come from a family of musicians&quote;

    Hailing from Finland, Singer-Songwriter & Music Producer, Heidi B has an amazing ear for catchy lyrics and soothing melodies. Heidi discovered her music prowess at an early age, having attended and graduated from the prestigious Madetoja Music High School in Oulu, Finland. Heidi is also prolific in the education of music having studied musicology from the Pop & Jazz Conservatory and [...]

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    Zonum - &quote;Try to always improve&quote;

    Zonum's beginnings in the mid-80s were as a radio sound technician, radio announcer, resident DJ in theaters until 1990, In the 90s he began his career as a music producer, collaborating in productions with artists, at the national level, founder and member of several groups of electronic music, combining it with live performances. In 2005 Zonum created with his colleague and friend Xavi V, the [...]

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    Rachel Berg - &quote;I really think people should stop using the word famous&quote;

    Rachel Berg has been for many years in Catalonia and has many concerts by name in various venues small and large. Her goal is to transmit love and happiness through her music to her audience giving the best of it during her repertoire exists of jazz standards, Soul funk songs but also original themes. A pleasure to hear, feel, and see. With a dance academic in her past, Rachel spent years in [...]

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    Khadeeja Grace - &quote;I have a hard time seeing the grey areas&quote;

                                                    Khadeeja Grace is a producer and songwriter with musical influences from past generations. Khadeeja Grace speaks fondly of growing up listening to [...]

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