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  • Nick Karsten - &quote;They Will Ask Me What They Want To Ask&quote;

    Nick Karsten was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Soon he felt that he had DJ skills and found his place behind the turntable. His official DJ career started when he became a resident DJ at one popular club in Ljubljana and remained there for some time. Success, praise and progress in the mixing technique led to a position of resident DJ in a cutting-edge futuristic club in the capital of Slovenia [...]

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    Milty Evans - &quote;I'm My Worst Critic&quote;

    Milty Evans - "I'm My Worst Critic" Milty is a veteran of the Chicago dance scene starting in the business in high school. Learning the art of djing and working decks to rock the party came second nature. Working his way up the local scene with djs like Derrick Carter, Diz,and even Mark Farina. Milty has been a mainstay at the hottest clubs chicago has to offer from Shelter, Elixer, Karma to [...]

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