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  • Steve &quote;Silk&quote; Hurley NS6ii Numark Exclusive

      For this video, 4-Time GRAMMY® Nominated producer, House Music Pioneer and DJ Steve “Silk” Hurley’s of S&S Chicago purpose was to showcase live remixing  and live mashups that he’s been creating for years on turntables, but with the use of the technology provided by the Numark NS6ii. Although the use of NS6ii’s synch feature would be great for combining 4 different [...]

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    GRAMMY® Nominated DJ Steve “Silk” Hurley &quote;Remixes Live&quote; on the new NS6ii

    GRAMMY® Nominated DJ Steve “Silk” Hurley "Remixes Live" on the new NS6ii! 4-Time GRAMMY® Nominated Producer, Songwriter and DJ Steve “Silk”Hurley expresses his excitement in receiving the 2nd generation NS6, the NS6II. Silk from S&S Chicago gives a brief description of the improvements made, and ends with an impromptu DJ performance that shows how he can put together a “Remix [...]

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