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  • Steve &quote;Silk&quote; Hurley and Shannon &quote;DJ Skip&quote; Syas &quote;Their movement is powerful, positive and exhilarating&quote;

    Among the new year’s resolutions and speculation about what lies ahead, one thing that is certain is the musical excellence created by S&S Chicago.  Role models to so many Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley and Shannon ‘DJ Skip’ Syas have a creative energy which is fresh and exciting. Their union was something very special and their evolution since then, both individually and as a duo has been [...]

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    Ralph & Louie - &quote;Our Fans Are What Most Drives Us&quote;

    At the forefront of the Atlanta House Music movement. Ralph & Louie continue to push the envelope in the development of this culture. Holding down residencies at the hottest clubs in the south and continuously releasing quality tracks with a heavy tech, deep and future influence. This dynamic duo is predominantly known as the heavy hitters for House Music in the south. Recently receiving [...]

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    Steve Amoroso - &quote;It All Comes Together Once I Get Behind The Decks&quote;

    Steve Amoroso - "It All Comes Together Once I Get Behind The Decks" Steve Amoroso is a New York City based DJ / Producer. He is Regarded as one of the hardest working DJ's in the industry. His work ethic and passion for house music has brought industry-wide recognition. Amoroso first fell in love with house music when he was still in high school . He embarked on a path toward the vibrant club [...]

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