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  • S&S Podcast 007 - Joe Smooth

    S&S Records, Inc. (and S&S Chicago, Inc.) was established in 2005 by 4-time GRAMMY® nominated producer Steve “Silk” Hurley and global DJ/Producer Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas. Merging Hurley’s worldwide commercial success and Syas’ strong global following, the dance label has become home to numerous musical greats and one of the most respected blogs / podcast on the internet. [...]

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    Matteo Candura - &quote;I Grew Up In The Conservatory Of Music&quote;

    Matteo Candura - "I Grew Up In The Conservatory Of Music" Matteo Candura is a musician/producer/songwriter/remixer/artist born and raised in Sicily, Italy. He has a Diploma in “Piano” and a Master’s Degree in “Musical Disciplines” (Department of New Technologies and Musical Languages), both obtained at the Conservatory of Music. He also plays the alto saxophone. His journey through [...]

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