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  • Steve &quote;Silk&quote; Hurley & Cece Peniston Live @ Chosen Few Music Festival 2017 (Chicago)

    Steve "Silk" Hurley & Cece Peniston With R&B roots, but a voice so versatile as to blow out every genre of music, she is a bonafide dance club diva and high priestess of House Music. With a catalog of work that spans the musical genres, he is a modest musical genius, a highly sought after producer, earning 4 GRAMMY® nominations, and House Music royalty. Together they are as iconic [...]

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    Jez Pereira - &quote;I Listen To The Details&quote;

    S&S: What's your style of music? How do you describe it? JP: I dig for Fresh, energetic, groovy, bouncy dirty bass-driven gems. You know, I get my buzz, my energy, from the crowd and live remixing – maybe a well-known acapella with an older classic beat or something like that – is the ultimate hit of energy – when I’m doing this I’m not thinking, the crowd is thinking, I’m [...]

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    DJ Ashton Abels - &quote;Talk Less Do More&quote;

    DJ Ashton Abels - "Talk Less Do More" Hailing from The Mother City Of South Africa with a reputation of being a technical Genius behind the Vinyl or CD decks, DJ Ashton Abels talents have been seen all over the country. Abels is a music scholar, forever developing his craft and refining it to unmatched levels. Evidence of this is the level of flexibility and quality he shows across music genres [...]

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