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    Among the new year’s resolutions and speculation about what lies ahead, one thing that is certain is the musical excellence created by S&S Chicago.  Role models to so many Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley and Shannon ‘DJ Skip’ Syas have a creative energy which is fresh and exciting. Their union was something very special and their evolution since then, both individually and as a duo has been outstanding.

    Silk and Skip complement each other – something you can only respect.  Their sound is powerful and exhilarating and whether you are in the office, the car or in a club, fist pumping and head nodding is inevitable.  From classics like “Jack Your Body“, “The Word Is Love” & “Show Me U Love Me” to their latest release, ‘Beat the box/Bang it‘ with Gettoblaster, the timeless S&S sound takes you on an artistic feel-good journey which allows you to escape your reality.

    What most people love about these guys is their enthusiasm and confidence; their willingness to share their expertise and experience. Both consummate gentlemen – deeply motivated, completely focused and generous with their time.  Their social media and web presence across all platforms is enviable.  And in addition to the music they produce they continue to amaze behind the decks.

    S&S Chicago are visionaries with an unparalleled exuberance.  Their absolute love for what they do drives the creation of their works of sublime beauty.  Waiting for each release is both frustrating and exciting but most certainly worth the wait as they never disappoint. This year they will deliver more high quality music consistently. 

    When you think of S&S you smile.  You think uplifting, positive, talented, enthusiastic & thrilling.

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