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    [metaslider id=1383]The sound of R&B has evolved over the years with many artists contributing new styles and approaches to making their music. A number of talented acts have contributed but few have had as dominant a run as R. Kelly.

    Born on January 8, 1967 in Chicago, R. Kelly was the product of a single-parent household and grew up in the Ida B. Wells Homes, a notorious housing projects on the city’s south side. With his mother being an avid singer herself, Kellz took to music at a young age, but would officially take it serious after a music teacher Ms. McLin goaded him into entering a high school talent show.

    After his first performance drew rave reviews, Kelly would continue to cultivate his craft by performing around the city before forming a group named MGM with other male vocalists from the area. MGM would release a single,”Why You Wanna Play Me,” but would disband soon after, leaving Kelly a soloist once again. But the young singer’s fortunes would change when he secured a deal with Jive Records in 1991. Linking up with a local group named Public Announcement, they would release their one and only album, Born into the ’90s, in 1992.
    R. Kelly would eventually split from Public Announcement to becoming a solo artist and grew to become a R&B icon. Nearly twenty years deep in the game, R. Kelly has built up a catalog with classic albums and songs that have defined the genre.

    The Pied Piper’s discography is wide-ranging, which makes it virtually impossible to choose the best of the lot, The king of R&B is back with another classic album for all R&B music enthusiasts. We have all listened to this here in the office and think it’s a solid body of work. The King of R&B is back. Take a listen below for yourself.