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    KRS-One Returns To The Mic With A Vengeance. Now Hear This! (Album Stream)

    It has been several years since KRS-One released an album. One of Hip-Hop’s most famous, controversial, and quoted MCs self-released Now Hear This. The Boogie Down Productions co-founder’s 12th solo album contains 18 songs, with production by Da Beatminerz, Mad Lion, and DJ Static, among others.

    This album releases in a press campaign that has seen Kris Parker calling out law enforcement, re-examining Hip-Hop history, battling on stages, and making statements in the form of a freestyle unlike any in his career. A true master of reinvention, Now Hear This could be KRS-One’s biggest album since 2007’s Hip Hop Lives, with foe-turned-collaborator Marley Marl. Available for free, full stream, take a listen to the R.A.M.P. Entertainment Agency effort, and weigh on its teachings. Should you like it, Blastmasta KRS-One has the album available for direct purchase at just $10.

    We here at S&S are impressed with KRS-One and his delivery on this Hip Hop timeless masterpiece “Now Hear This”. The vibe and lyrical content has the making of a classic. We all took a vote here in the office and agree this is a solid body of work from a living legend. Please support good music.

    For Those who forgot! Enjoy

    By: Shannon “Skip” SyasS&S Chicago

    Source: AFH Ambrosia For Heads