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    GRAMMY® Nominated DJ Steve “Silk” Hurley “Remixes Live” on the new NS6ii!

    4-Time GRAMMY® Nominated Producer, Songwriter and DJ Steve “Silk”Hurley expresses his excitement in receiving the 2nd generation NS6, the NS6II. Silk from S&S Chicago gives a brief description of the improvements made, and ends with an impromptu DJ performance that shows how he can put together a “Remix Live” on the fly of his Platinum #1 hit song,”Jack Your Body,” using the music from his classic soulful Anthem, “Higher,” one of his GRAMMY® Nominated recordings, featuring Rickey Dillard and Vernessa Mitchell.


    (Booking) http://snschicago.com/ss-bookings/
    (Radio) http://www.mashupfm.com


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