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    DJ ZEEK….With 30+ years of djing experience via mobile/clubs/radio/raves/house parties/ etc… Ezekiel Dominguez, professionally known as “DJ ZEEK”, has become a popular house dj and mentor in the Midwest. This talented, but modest house jock, is a true professional who has enjoyed success other’s will never know. Raised in the NWI-Chicagoland area, this south-sider grew up with the famous Chicago House sound and is no stranger to the electronic music scene. Zeek has traveled the world and has blown up dance floors in several different countries in South America. He is a crowd favorite who has played at numerous major events, nightclubs, F.M. radio, and always tours with the best dj’s in the House music community.

    Zeek has done it all, from throwing parties to rocking the airwaves, and never stops racking up hours behind the decks. He keeps busy juggling his family life as well as promotions, producing his own sound, and remixing. This man can hold his own with the best of the best and is continuously playing @ the biggest events in the Midwest area. He is known to throw down a slammin, in your face, Funky, up-tempo, and groovin style of House that is guaranteed to make any dance floor move.

    So versatile that you never know what he will bust out to get the crowd moving. Zeek always prides himself on the professionalism he brings to his dj craft. His smooth long blends, tight scratches, and impressive track selection are reasons enough not to miss this man rock the decks. Zeek has performed in front of thousands of electronic music lovers and never leaves the dancefloor empty.

    He has rocked crowds in every dj situation and his stage presence is fun, uplifting, funky, and energetic. His keen vision to read crowds and his masterful experience sets him apart from many in the industry. Respected by many established promoters and dj’s, Zeek has placed himself on a level next to the best electronic music dj’s in the world. From Disco, House, Techno, Breaks, Jungle, Tribal, to hip hop turntablist. Zeek is a true performer and he tears up venues every time he steps up to the decks. His love for electronic music has brought continued success and endless support from his fans and peers.

    Focusing on more on production and concentrating on remixing the hottest dance tracks for his own use is his passion so your bound to hear traxx no dj has. These days, besides holding down several residencies, his music production career is very promising and will be making bodies jack with his up-tempo funky style of house.

    Because of his slamming DJ sets and his professionalism Zeek has had a successful DJ career where he has graced the decks co-headlining with the biggest names in the music industry like: Bad Boy Bill, Steve “Silk” Hurley, DJ Skip, Armand Van Heldon, Skylab 2000, Paul Johnson, Julian Jumpin Perez, Dj Polywog, Vanilla Ice, James Christian, Danny The Wild Child, Justin Long, Sebastien Leger, Deiselboy, Africa Bambaataa, Dajae, Cirrus, Terry Mullan, Christopher Lawrence, Keoki, Simply Jeff, Robert Hood, Micro, Richard Humpty Vission, Dj Rap, Dj Swamp, Jungle Bros., Christian Smith, Nigel Richards, Woody Mc Bride, Grooverider, KRS-ONE, Rabbit On The Moon, The Triple Threat Djs, Dj Monk, AK 1200, Fab G., Fafa Monico, Freaky Flow and Mc Flipside, Reza, Submerge 101, Frankie Vega, RP Smack, Ice T., Too Short, Bobby D, Justin Nichols, Dj Funk, Scott Hardkiss, Dan Efex, Huggie, Paul Anthony, Mark Almaria, Ry-n, Dj Delirium, Dan The Doormouse, Chris Anderson, Dj Brian, Dj Dazy, Roc Raida, Mark EG, Dj 3d, Stacy Kidd, Marcus Watkins, Mixin Marc, Dj Speed, Josh The funky 1, Delta 9, Stryfe, Ariel Cybana, Kelly Reverb, Johnny Fiasco, Lego, Dj Rip, Alex Peace, Dj Lynnwood, Dj Brisk, Alanna Davis, Thee-o, Acidman, Jes One, Nitro, Stan Doublin, Slater Hogan, Dj Enrie, Common, Chingy, DJ SNO, J-Smooth, Micheal Myers, Bryan Jones, The Sound Republic, and the list keeps growing every weekend…

    Q&A with S&S 

    S&S: What’s your style of music? How do you describe it?
    ZEEK: My style in music is a big combination of various genres and tempos. It’s House Music in all forms; vocal, deep, Jacking, Techy, Acid, Latin, Jazzy, Disco, Funky, uptempo; and always energetic & uplifting. I will say I am more of a peak hour mainroom type of dj, but can get deep and downtempo or play some marathon sets…even sunrise sets. Doing so much mobile dj work and having held many club residencies, I have a great eye for reading crowds and knowing exactly what and when to play at the moment.

    S&S: Who or what was most instrumental to you when it came to music?
    Zeek: First and foremost was my parents and local radio stations. Sitting anywhere with my parents, there would always be music playing. Disco, oldies, 50’s, Motown…etc. I learned a lot about pop and catchy dance hits from listening to commercial radio and MTV. Local Chicago stations like WGCI, WBMX and B96 were probably my 2nd most instrumental influences; recording mixes and listening to them over and over and jotting down key words in the tracks’ lyrics to go dig for them at the local shops in Chicago. I wouldn’t be where I am also without the constant practicing, research, and learning all about the craft by watching other djs and taking bits of knowledge from others I’ve grown up following. So many names to list that helped me along the way, but it was my passion for the Music and the culture/lifestyle that pushed me to get where I am.

    S&S: What drives you creatively?
    ZEEK: My passion for mixing music and creating new beats from blending tunes…especially when you can do it live for people to enjoy. I learned very early how to read a crowd and control the vibe of the party through music, and it has driven me to continue to do what I love.

    S&S: How much does your audience influence you and your music selection?
    ZEEK: I’ve always been on top of the music scene, trends, and culture. My experiences have helped me to adapt to any environment with like minded people and makes it easier to figure out what to play in that moment. I play what I like…but also keep in mind the venues and crowds I’m playing for…I am always over prepared with plenty of tracks in various genres.

    S&S: What artists or genres do you listen to when you’re not working?
    ZEEK: I can listen to just about anything as long as it’s good. I love many genres of music,but most importantly, the music has to have a great beat, vocals, and tell a story. I have played other genres outside of House like DNB and Techno, and I have some Turntablism experience.

    S&S: Do you have any favorite memories of growing up with your family?
    ZEEK: Sitting in my living room playing with my toys as a child in the 70’s while my mom would clean house and listen to her Disco records…man great times and music was always uptempo and happy. Also would always catch my dad working on his cars in the garage listening to Motown and oldies…I def had a well rounded funky and soulful musical upbringing with my parents…haha.

    S&S: Is there anything you would like people to know about you?
    ZEEK: Aside from being a dj for mobile gigs, clubs, radio, raves, and private parties, I have also served in the US Navy and had the chance to play in several different countries while overseas. I am a Father of three beautiful Girls and one handsome Son and work very hard to provide for them. I do produce music but I am way better at remixing, only because I love to put a different spin on lots of stuff I hear versus starting from scratch. I also enjoy to teach people the Art, even if I don’t know I’m doing it, it has been said I have mentored many fine djs and producers in my career. I just have a Huge passion for House Music & djing and when you’re surrounded by like-minded people who share that passion it’s easy for things to rub off on them and vice versa. It’s just nice to know you shared what you could with great talented people who put it to use! It’s very Humbling…and I am grateful.

    S&S: Are there any charities you are working with or excited to tell us about?
    ZEEK: Unfortunately I don’t work with any charities aside from saving for three weddings and four College tuitions, hehe. The only spare money I ever have gets spent on music or other gear for my dj toy collection. I do volunteer and promote House Music for fundraising events in Chicago for: Burners Without Borders Chicago, Bold Urban Renaissance Network, ToyMaker Productions and Undaground Element.

    S&S: Are there any questions that you wish people would ask you?
    ZEEK: YES, I wish more promoters and clubs would ask me to come play at their establishments/events…haha who doesn’t, right? It would be nice to travel to cities I have not yet played in the US. Having children and working full-time had slowed down my traveling gigs for a while but now that my kids are older I am ready to hit the road and share my sound so others can enjoy it.

    S&S: And on the flip side of that, are there any questions or references you wish people would stop asking or using?
    ZEEK: Man tough to say. I would have to say I get asked a lot if I live in Chicago. I don’t live there, although most of my family is still in Chicago I grew up all over the NWI and Chicagoland area my whole life, I represent the Chicago House sound because I grew up with it and know its history. I have alot of roots in the Midwest/Chicago Rave scene and still play many bars and clubs. No stranger to House, as one would say… after playing House Music for over 30 years it gets tiresome talking House politics and who’s from where or when you started… I currently live in Central Illinois about 2 hours South and sometimes it gets people confused since I am constantly playing in the City or because I am affilated with Chicago Crews.

    S&S: What artist(s) have you been the most excited to work with?
    ZEEK: This will be a long list if I name everyone…me not being a name dropper I will just say I am excited to be a part of the S&S Family, and excited to be rubbing elbows with the great crew of djs and producers. I have a huge respect for many artists I have worked with, and it’s an exciting time for House music, so I can’t wait to see where these opportunities take me.

    S&S: Are there any artists that you dream of working with on a collaboration?
    ZEEK: I could list so many…but I will say I am open to working with anyone with the same passion and drive that I have for House Music. So far the dreams are all coming true!

    S&S: What can we look forward to next from you?
    ZEEK: More of the same…me rocking it at more venues making people dance and happy…I am working on some projects and hope to release some dope remixes\tracks in 2017. I have always been more of a dj than producer, but after 30 years of playing tunes I think it’s time to release some of these ideas I have been itching to share. I also play a weekly radio show with LIVE webcam on Wednesday nights 9pm-11pm CDT on www.sugarshackrecordings.com check it out and tune in!


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