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    DJ Babaloo – “How Much I Owe You Again”

    S&S: What’s your style of music? How do you describe it?
    DJ Babaloo: My style of music is House and to me it is peaceful music and by that I mean it brings people from every walks of life together to have a good time dancing

    S&S: Who or what was most instrumental to you when it came to music?
    DJ Babaloo: I always loved music especially live bands.

    S&S: What drives you creatively?
    DJ Babaloo: The crowd is what drives me creatively, watching them dance. I see what they are feeling out on the dance floor and that’s what keeps me digging in the crates. It’s the greatest feeling when the crowd screams at every track you play.

    S&S: What artists or genres do you listen to when you’re not working?
    DJ Babaloo: When not djing, I listen to a variety of music from classic rock, Motown, funk and r&b. One of my first records I owned was B.B. Kings Live At Cook County Jail

    S&S: Do you have any favorite memories of growing up with your family?
    DJ Babaloo: I had a loving upbringing. We were not rich. We lived in a 2 room apartment on 63rd st. with 10 relatives. Tight squeeze from what I remember. I once won a disco contest when I was in the 4th grade. It was at a night Club and till this saying don’t know how my sister talked them into letting me in. I didn’t want to be there. It was a Sunday and I had school in the morning.

    S&S: Is there anything you would like people to know about you?
    DJ Babaloo: People need to know that I have a good heart and like to make people happy.

    S&S: Are there any charities you are working with or excited to tell us about?
    DJ Babaloo: Just last month I helped out a catholic school my daughter attends. They have a carnival every year and I got on the committee. I was given a House Night on Thursday because they weren’t so sure about the music. Well I packed the place and it was their biggest night ever! CZR helped me also. Some names on the bill we’re Alex Peace and Gino Rockin Romo who were pleased to help out. Carnivals will never be the same again. House Heads came together!

    S&S: Are there any questions that you wish people would ask you?
    DJ Babaloo: People can ask me any questions they like but once in awhile I would like “Can I help you?” This way I know people care about me.

    S&S: And on the flip side of that, are there any questions or references you wish people would stop asking or using?
    DJ Babaloo: Question I hate being asked is ” How much I owe you again?” Clients try to low-ball and it’s a pet peeve of mine. I mean we have signed contracts but they always try to get service for cheap. I did my part and your guests had a good tome , why not fulfill your part.

    S&S: What artist(s) have you been the most excited to work with?
    DJ Babaloo: I’ve worked with many artist and met many cool people thanks to Tony Bitoy answer Zeze Big Z Aiyash. They helped me alot.Brenda K Starring was a favorite but Sugar Hill Gang takes the prize! True pioneers!

    S&S: Are there any artists that you dream of working with on a collaboration?
    DJ Babaloo: George Clinton! Would love to collaborate and do a remix of Atomic Dog.

    S&S: What can we look forward to next from you?
    DJ Babaloo: I will be at Studio 31 on Archer on July 11 with performance by Fast Eddie,
    July 25th I will be at Portage Theater for the Kings of Feestyle.

    S&S: What legacy would you like to leave?
    DJ Babaloo: What I want my legacy to be is that I never gave up.

    Q&A By: Shannon “Skip” SyasS&S Chicago

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