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  • Steve &quote;Silk&quote; Hurley's Top 40 Productions

    Steve "Silk" Hurley's Top 40 Productions This time we sat down with 4-time GRAMMY® Nominated Producer and House Music Pioneer Steve “Silk” Hurley of S&S Records Inc. to pick his brain for some of the best memories of his production and writing career.  “Silk” not only created House Music’s 1st Top 10 record and the 1st House Music #1 on Billboard.  He also took the world [...]

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    DJ Ashton Abels - &quote;Talk Less Do More&quote;

    DJ Ashton Abels - "Talk Less Do More" Hailing from The Mother City Of South Africa with a reputation of being a technical Genius behind the Vinyl or CD decks, DJ Ashton Abels talents have been seen all over the country. Abels is a music scholar, forever developing his craft and refining it to unmatched levels. Evidence of this is the level of flexibility and quality he shows across music genres [...]

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    Stanny Abram - &quote;People Have A Lot Of Their Own Problems&quote;

    Stanny Abram - "People Have A Lot Of Their Own Problems" When word comes to electronic music, Stanny Abram is spectacular. Not only can we talk about musical genius, who has currently more than 1100 released tracks out there, including 6 studio albums on more that 100 international labels. He is also an owner of 6 successful electronic music labels, an active DJ, entertainer behind the decks. [...]

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