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  • S&S Podcast 22 - Maurice Joshua

    GRAMMY Award winner Maurice Joshua is known across the globe as a brilliant producer, remixer and DJ. In the years since he first burst upon the club scene Maurice has earned an extremely high degree of respect from his contemporaries not only as a musical genius but also global DJ. This podcast will take you on a musical journey into the mind & soul of the "Remix King" Maurice Joshua. [...]

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    Xander James - &quote;Music Is The Highest Form Of Self-Expression&quote;

    Xander James - "Music Is The Highest Form Of Self-Expression" Xander James d(•_•)b www.XanderJamesDJ.com Music connoisseur, delivering a unique dance music experience... House dj & music producer; visionary, entrepreneur & humanist. Colleagues describe him as the human dance music encyclopedia. Driven by his passion for music - an obsession for timeless melodies - Xander loves [...]

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    Mr. K' Alexi  - &quote;Stop Calling Me A Chicago Artist&quote;

    Mr. K' Alexi  - "Stop Calling Me A Chicago Artist" DJ and producer, 0ne of Chicago's true music heroes, and with one of his earliest releases, Essence Of A Dream, being regarded a classic, he is cited by many as a pioneer of the City's sound. At the age of 12, K'Alexi was already moving in the right circles, befriending Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy, whilst frequenting the famous [...]

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