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  • Cincinnati Music Festival 2017 S&S Chicago Recap

    This year's Cincinnati Music Festival hosted a star studded cast of the finest names in music at including Fantasia, Mary J Blige, BBD, Usher, Anthony Hamilton, En Vogue, Kem, Kid Capri, Rob Base Confunkshun and Ro James and hosts by Doug E Fresh and Tom Joyner. The Cincinnati Music Festival (CMF) began in 1962 and is one of the largest music festivals in the United States attracting over [...]

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    Georgie Porgie - &quote;Everyday Life Inspires My Creativity&quote;

                There’s a certain type of DJ/ artist to emerge from Chicago, having been raised around the rawest and purest forms of house music. These roots cement themselves within the cities‘ residents, and form a continual source of inspiration for those who seek it. George Andros or Georgie Porgie or GP as he is known across the globe, is no exception. An accomplished DJ, Artist, hot [...]

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    Tha DJ Hi-Speed - &quote;I Don’t Ever Want To Sound Like Anybody Else&quote;

    Tha DJ Hi-Speed - "I Don’t Ever Want To Sound Like Anybody Else" Born and raised on Chicago's west side, Will Wilson a.k.a. Tha DJ Hi-Speed always had a love for music. From his grandfather who kept collections of vintage jazz to his dad who played countless hours of soul from the 60s and 70s, disco, R&B, Speed had inherited a wide knowledge of music at a very early age. Listening and [...]

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