Randall Dean (S&S Records) w/ Antonio Giacca

Randall Dean (S&S Records) w/ Antonio Giacca

Check out S&S’s newest artist Randall Dean. FREE Admission before 11pm when you say “Randall Dean” at the door. Half price after with the name drop. Come early and avoid the lines this show will sell out.

Randall began his journey in music as the frontman in live acts in the mid 90’s and his passion for creating music has grown considerably since then. After being vocalist, lyricist and songwriter in all-original ensembles ranging from acoustic, jam, blues and funk he developed a diverse original vocal style that lends itself well to his current projects. Starting off as a huge supporter of the Underground Scene in 1992 his affinity prompted his eventual move to Chicago in 2001 exposing him to the culture that surrounds the genre and he set his sights on becoming a more active contributor. Without missing a beat he quickly bought a pair of 1200’s and went to work learning the craft that is essential to paying your dues in the birthplace of House Music.

After picking up the basics quickly and working his connections as the head of promotions for Dust Traxx Records he landed a weekly Friday residency at the Lava Lounge in Chicago; a hot spot at the time for the come-as-you-are vibe that is the foundation for House Music Culture. By then digital music production was beginning to take the industry by storm, and he realized quickly that he a lot to learn in order to compete as a producer in the rapidly growing genre. After pushing through many challenges he released his first dance track “Love Something” with friend Airborne (available on all major digital outlets) in early 2016.

The momentum this gave him lead to receiving offers to collaborate with several other talented producers then finally to finish his first solo work “Thought About It” which caught the attention of Chicago’s S&S Records where he now calls home as part of their amazing family of legendary producers and DJ’s. When asked about the motivation for his evolution toward producing Randall would reply, “To give back to a community that has given me so much, and to raise my game to a level where I’m creating music that inspires those who have inspired me.” He continues to spin out regularly around Chicago while creating and releasing original works.

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