Chris Brown’s Full Album “Royalty” & Interview

Another day, another Chris Brown music video.

With his seventh studio album Royalty now in stores, the 26-year-old singer celebrates by releasing yet another video for his tribute song “Little More (Royalty).” Earlier this week, Chris flooded the market with countless songs and music videos for “Back To Sleep, “Liquor, ” Fine By MeWrist,”  Zero, “Anyway,” and “Picture Me Rollin.”

The five-minute video “Little More” features Chris recounting scenes from his four previous visuals, before the image of his 1-year-old daughter pops into his head. The rest of the video is just Chris and Royalty spending quality time together, sipping tea, and blowing bubbles.

Royalty is now available on iTunes and only boasts three features from Solo Lucci, Tayla Parx, and Future. Watch Breezy’s new videos and check his new album below.

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Source: Chris Brown “Little More (Royalty)” (NEW VIDEO)

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