Steve Silk Hurley Feat. Greg Gibbs – The Glow Of Love Vol. 2 - Steve Silk Hurley Feat. Greg Gibbs

S&S Records, Inc. (and S&S Chicago, Inc.) was established in 2005 by 4-time GRAMMY® nominated producer Steve “Silk” Hurley and global DJ/Producer Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas. Silk and Skip merged Hurley’s worldwide commercial success and Syas’ strong global following to form S&S Records. S&S Records has accumulated a catalog of new and hit records from global artist all over the world.

S&S Records brings you another chart topper. No, it’s not Change…no, it’s not Luther either. It’s Greg Gibbs. Silk reworks one of his personal favorites and puts the vocals in the hands of newcomer Greg Gibbs, who doesn’t disappoint!

The son of a baritone singer, Greg got his start early in a Chicago church, and hasn’t looked back since. Now an accomplished singer, pianist, drummer, and master of all brass instruments, he’s finally getting his chance to shine, or should we say “Glow”!

Silk’s lush production is true to the original Change version, but takes the song into the 21st Century with the quality production and DJ-friendly arrangement that has become a Hurley trademark. Featured background vocalists are Chance & Sharon Pass. This package includes timeless remixes by. Stacy Kidd, Boggie Filtered, Eddie Valdez, Mauritzio & CC