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  • Monica - Code Red Full Album & Interview 

    Rather than celebrate the 20th anniversary of her breakthrough single, Monica declares a Code Redorder on the commercial airwaves that have squeezed out soul-rooted R&B. The first song on her seventh U.S. album is the title track, a scuttling assault produced by Polow and assisted by Missy Elliott, which involves the protest "Turn off the radio, damn right/We don't hear real shit no mo'." [...]

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    Chris Brown's Full Album &quote;Royalty&quote; & Interview

    Another day, another Chris Brown music video. With his seventh studio album Royalty now in stores, the 26-year-old singer celebrates by releasing yet another video for his tribute song “Little More (Royalty).” Earlier this week, Chris flooded the market with countless songs and music videos for “Back To Sleep, "Liquor, ” Fine By Me “Wrist,”  Zero, “Anyway,” and “Picture[...]

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    Georgie Porgie - &quote;Everyday Life Inspires My Creativity&quote;

                There’s a certain type of DJ/ artist to emerge from Chicago, having been raised around the rawest and purest forms of house music. These roots cement themselves within the cities‘ residents, and form a continual source of inspiration for those who seek it. George Andros or Georgie Porgie or GP as he is known across the globe, is no exception. An accomplished DJ, Artist, hot [...]

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    R.Kelly - New Album (The Buffet), Ms. McLin, & Chicago

    The sound of R&B has evolved over the years with many artists contributing new styles and approaches to making their music. A number of talented acts have contributed but few have had as dominant a run as R. Kelly. Born on January 8, 1967 in Chicago, R. Kelly was the product of a single-parent household and grew up in the Ida B. Wells Homes, a notorious [...]

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